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Claim Dobot Referral

dobot referral

Looking for a Dobot referral code? Click the button below to claim your Dobot $5 referral code.

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How to Claim Dobot $5 Bonus

  1. Visit this Dobot $5 Referral Link and enter your mobile number.
  2. Download the Dobot App and create a free account.
  3. You must use the same mobile phone number to verify your new account in order to qualify for the referral bonus.
  4. Create your first savings goal and link your bank account with the Dobot App.
  5. Use the “Kickstart Your Savings” feature during registration to transfer $5 from your linked bank account to Dobot.
  6. Your $5 bonus will be instantly credited to your Dobot account after you initiate your first transfer of funds.
  7. You can withdraw all of your money at any time for free (including the $5 referral bonus).

Why Do You Need It?

We all have something that we are saving for, whether it be a major life goal like a downpayment on a house, an emergency fund or everything in between, Dobot can help. It’s an easy to use financial app that helps you save money for things that matter most.

And it does all automatically for you. Just set your goals and it will save “safe savings amounts” and move them into your Dobot savings. This way, you can save money automatically for your financial goals. No more wondering how much should I save this month, let Dobot do it for you.

Is Dobot Safe?

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Our team found that Dobot is safe, just as most popular money saving apps. Dobot is no exception, and they encrypt your personal information before it’s stored on Dobot’s servers. They never store your personal banking information such as log-ins and passwords. Your savings are stored in a bank that has FDIC-insured protections according to Dobot’s FAQ on its site.

Is Dobot Free?

Short answer: Yes, they never charge you any fees.

What is the Dobot App?How Does Dobot App Work?How Does the Dobot Referral System Work?

Dobot is a free savings app by Fifth Third Bank that helps you save money through automation in order to reach your financial goals like an emergency fund or a downpayment on a house.

Dobot helps you save by visualizing your goals and then makes saving easy by automating it. Just connect your checking account, and Dobot goes to work.

Here are some savvy features that the app offers:

  • Smart Savings – Dobot does all the work. Every few days, Dobot will calculate “safe savings amounts” and automatically move small amounts of money into your Dobot savings.
  • Scheduled Savings – You set your schedule. Just select how much and how often you’d like to save, and Dobot will take care of it automatically.
  • Save On Your Own – You are always free to save by transferring funds directly into your Dobot savings. Open the app and ‘Add Money’ from your goals, or just send a text like “Save 20” and Dobot will take care of the transfer for you.

Dobot’s new referral program provides both parties with a $5 bonus when your friends sign up and start saving with Dobot.

When your friends use your referral link to sign up for Dobot and start saving, you’ll both earn a $5 bonus.

Your $5 referral rewards will be deposited into your Dobot account within 30 days of completion of the sign-up process by each qualifying referee.

You are limited to 100 referral rewards per the calendar year.

Please feel free to share your experiences with using the Dobot App along with your referral links in the comments below this article.



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