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Could you use an extra $100 in your PayPal balance? Many people have no idea how these reward sites and cash back apps work, but it's actually really simple to use them and earn free PayPal money.

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Earning cash from PayPal is easier than you originally may have thought. Personal finance has changed quite a bit in recent years, and PayPal is among the more popular platforms for online transactions.

PayPal has become a globally accepted, trusted platform for online transactions. Revenue hit $15 billion in 2019, with most profits earned from direct deposit accounts between individuals and firms.

Though it might seem too good to be true, earning free PayPal money that goes directly to your account instantly is actually easier than you think.

Earning cash from PayPal is simpler than you may think.

I'm about to show you how to earn money with PayPal fast.

Let's get started!

The Rise of PayPal 

Earning money using PayPal is easier than it seems.

From freelance writing to business transactions and more, PayPal can be used for safe and quick transactions.

If you are looking for a way to make money on the internet without having the hassle of getting it in your pocket, then PayPal is a trusted option.

Best Ways to Earn Free PayPal Money Instantly

If you want to start earning free PayPal money fast, employ some of these easy methods.

There are many companies across the internet that offer fast ways to transfer money into a PayPal account, some of which we have listed below.


Earning money from PayPal fast with Swagbucks is easier than you think. You can easily get $10 deposited into your PayPal account just by creating an account and doing some easy tasks like watching videos or searching the web.

You can also earn more online by taking surveys without having a minimum payout or low at $1.

There are many ways to earn free PayPal money, such as through emails, referrals from friends or strangers and shopping.


Swagbucks offers a variety of ways to earn money online. You can take surveys, play games, surf the web, watch videos and more to earn points towards gift cards or cash. They are giving new users a $10 sign up bonus, so act fast.


Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is a leading website for people to take online survey. They have decades of experience in finding the best companies and coming out with state-of-the-art services when it comes to surveys.

With Survey Junkie, you can score a different reward-swapping option every day. With this program, there is no minimum payout fee as long as your PayPal account is linked to the survey service.

Earning money with your PayPal account is easy, and it’s even easier to collect quick cash online when you sign up for this survey site!

With Survey Junkie, the average member earns $5 or more per completed survey which is deposited into your PayPal account.


You can quickly earn $5 in PayPal credit for opening a free account with InboxDollars.

One of the most rewarding parts about InboxDollars is that you won't have to game surveys or answer questions to start receiving free money, and all it takes is a simple account.

If you're looking for a way to earn PayPal money instantly, InboxDollars is an easy way that will allow you start your journey toward financial freedom.


If you are looking for a site with a large welcome bonus, the best option is RewardSurvey. Once you have completed your profile, they will give you $30 ready to use immediately.

Earning free PayPal money with RewardSurvey is easy. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps, and you can get free PayPal money in your account instantly.


My favorite survey site is Opinion Outpost because they pay you with a wide variety of prizes which are sent to your PayPal account.

Earnings from PayPal are easy to come by. You can make over $20 per survey and they pay out over $390,000 every month to their members!

Pinecone Research

It is easier than you think to make money using PayPal. One of the best ways is through Pinecone Research, which offers a variety of online surveys that are quick and easy to do.

Earn money from PayPal quickly with surveys that are usually short and cover a wide range of topics. You'll be able to withdraw as soon as you have earned $3 from PayPal, and this is one of the lowest requirements online.

Once you have enough surveys to equal at least $3, it's easy to cash out your PayPal money with a quick transfer. With such a short time commitment, earning free PayPal money is easier than you think.


Want to earn money from PayPal fast? LifePoints will help you do it. Just sign up and start filling out surveys or completing tasks for some easy PayPal money.

Earn money from PayPal is much easier than you think. They have one of the largest and most diverse survey sets, available in more than 26 different languages. Earning monthly boosters is a unique feature that this site provides.

Do quick, fun surveys and earn double or triple points with the boosters–then spend your earnings on anything it is accepted for at any checkout in no time.


Want to get rewarded for taking online surveys? Join LifePoints, take surveys & get rewarded for it. It’s free!



Ibotta is a shopping app that gives shoppers rewards for going grocery shopping.

Ibotta is something that everyone can enjoy, especially if you're in need of some healthy and nutritious food to keep your home stocked.

Once you select Paypal as your payment option, the money is automatically saved to your PayPal account.

For each qualifying purchase you make with an online grocery store, you'll earn points that convert to cash. Then, all you have to do is transfer it and enjoy!


MyPoints is another great way to earn money online by taking surveys, playing games, and shopping.

You can use your MyPoints points for a wide variety of rewards such as gift cards to Amazon, Walmart, and Starbucks.

You can get a $10 gift card when you register.


PrizeRebel is another website that lets you earn cash by completing tasks. You will not need to gamble if you decide to use this site, but instead, you can work and gain points to cash out for PayPal money.

If you are lucky enough to start collecting points, being able to transfer money from PayPal to your bank account will be easy.

Withdrawing funds is not hard to do if you have $25 on hand, which shouldn't be an issue for most people.


Honey is a browser extension that searches for some of the best deals on the internet. One-click and Honey automatically searches for and tests available coupon codes at checkout on 30,000+ popular sites.

If the extension finds a working coupon code, they will apply it to your cart automatically.

The Honey app alerts you and notifies you when coupons are available on your favorite products so that you can shop at a discount.

How to Get Free PayPal Money with No Surveys?

Polling sites aren't for everyone. Some people don't want to sit around and take surveys all day, just for a few cents.

If you're not interested in taking surveys, you have other options to make PayPal money immediately.

Cash Back Apps

If you're not a fan of paid surveys, then consider using cashback apps. These apps track the purchases made by the app user in order to offer them a percentage back on their purchase.

Top stores include most well-known department store chains or even some online retailers like Warby Parker and Amazon Prime.

We all want to save money while shopping online. Earn PayPal cash back when you make purchases thanks to the groundbreaking technology of cashback apps.

Two of the best cash-back apps are Swagbucks and Ibotta. The latter rewards shoppers for signing up to take surveys, while the former earns points when you sign up, then sends a free PayPal money instantly.

If you're looking for more cashback apps, these are worth checking out:

Watching Videos

Another way to earn PayPal money quickly is by watching videos through websites like Swagbucks or InboxDollars.

It's not going to make you rich by watching videos or completing surveys, but it is a great way to get real money quickly.

Playing Games

If you don't want to use a survey site and get paid to complete surveys, consider playing games. Sites like Swagbucks and Mistplay can pay you for completing an online profile and playing games on their platforms.


Earning money by playing games on your phone sounds like a dream. But Mistplay really pays you for playing new games with cash rewards.


You can see more games that pay real money here.

How to Get Free PayPal Money Fast

if you need to make money fast but don't want to take surveys or fill out reviews, the answer is easy.

Use Refer a Friend Apps

There are many ways to earn PayPal money, such as referral apps. You can find these by typing “refer a friend” into your browser or searching for the type of app you want to find.

To get money through either of these apps, you will need to have a PayPal account and provide details about your friends.

When you refer your friends to use the app, the more people who sign up means more points for you. A few of these apps include:

Use Survey Sites

Survey sites aren't fun but they are free ways to make money quickly and easily.

You don't have to worry about things like scamming or free PayPal money scams when taking surveys because the sites we listed are legit and you will get paid for your time. Plus, you can earn free PayPal cash instantly.

Survey Junkie – You'll be asked several questions in exchange for points that can be redeemed for free shopping vouchers or PayPal cash.

InboxDollars – InboxDollars will pay you in free PayPal money instantly for surveys.

Swagbucks – Cashcrate is another survey site that will pay free PayPal money instantly for your answers.

You don't have to wait forever for your free PayPal money, either! It won't take long to set up accounts on referral apps and start earning free instant payouts. It's possible that you could earn free cash in seconds if you're willing to refer friends or sign up for apps online.

How to Get $50 Instantly with PayPal

If you want free PayPal money fast, there are a few ways that you can do it. Free cash is only a couple of minutes away when you earn free PayPal money online with free apps and websites.

How to get free cash from PayPal right now!

Have you ever considered just how much free PayPal money online could help your finances? There are tons of places on the internet where you can earn free PayPal money easily.

The list of apps and websites above can help you earn $50 instantly on PayPal.

How to Get $100 Instantly with PayPal

If you want free PayPal money fast, getting $100 free is just the beginning. You can learn how to refer people using referral apps that will allow you to earn hundreds of dollars instantly when they sign up for free PayPal money websites or games online. There are a lot of ways on how you can make $200 instantly with PayPal but the best ideas are the ones listed above.

Can You Get PayPal Cash Codes?

No, you can't get PayPal cash codes, unless you use money-making apps such as Swagbucks, InboxDollars, MyPoints, and Ebates. These refer free PayPal money apps will give you free PayPal cash codes in a matter of minutes, so it's possible to get free PayPal money fast with the help of these free sites online.

It's possible to earn a free PayPal balance without surveys if you find the right websites available for free instant payouts.

Final Thoughts on the Best Ways to Earn PayPal Money Instantly

Don't worry about free PayPal money scams, either. The free sites above are free to join and free for you to use. There is no fee for using PayPal or any other cash out platform that we have listed on this page.

There's no need to spend hard earned cash when you can get free PayPal money instantly without a cost at the click of a button!

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