10 Best Gas Cash Back Apps Like GetUpside

Check out our list of the best gas apps like GetUpside and start saving money with gas cash back programs today.

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If you were looking for the best gas cash back apps, we have got your covered. Here is a list of the top 10 gas cash back apps that will help you save on regular fuel purchases.

Best Gas Cash Back Apps Like GetUpside

Gas cash back apps are free apps that keep track of the best gas prices and provide you with information on how you can save money at the pump.

Here are the best alternatives to the GetUpside app if you wanted to start saving money as soon as today.

1. GetUpside

apps like getupside

Users of the GetUpside app have earned more than $100 million in cash back because it provides users with a variety of useful information. First, you may save up to 25 cents each gallon at any gas station and never pay the posted price.

It also shows you the greatest gas station discounts and the most inexpensive gas prices around your city. You may get special cash back offers on convenience store items and automobile services (such as a car wash, oil change, and more).

The app is simple to use. Simply open the program to discover nearby cash back offers, fill up your tank with any credit or debit card, and this gas app will pay you every time you pump gas. You may get cash back in your account and cash it out at any time via free PayPal money, gift cards, or direct bank transfers. You can also make money by referring your friends with your unique GetUpside referral code.


With GetUpside, you can earn as much as $0.25 per gallon on gas when refueling at over 3,000 stations. You can see the cheapest gas prices near you and allows you to withdraw earnings into your PayPal or bank account. They also include cash back at grocery stores and restaurants.


2. Trunow

apps like getupside

Trunow is another gas app like GetUpside that can provide you with useful information about gas prices and locations.

You can find the best gas prices in your city, as well as a map of all nearby gas stations and real-time updates on their current fuel pricing.

First, download the app to your phone. Then just use it to search for nearby gas prices or enter a zip code and city to find out what typical gasoline prices are in that area. You may also refine your search results by brand, price, services offered (such as car washes), location type (brand-name or independent station), and more.

The Trunow app has more than 100 million data points so you'll be able to easily find the closest and cheapest gas station near you. From there, just pay with your credit or debit card and start raking in cash back rewards. You may redeem them for gift cards at popular retailers and start getting free Amazon gift cards, Home Depot gift cards, Target gift cards, Starbucks gift cards, and more.

Even if you do not drive a lot, you’ll get a $2 bonus just for using our link and the passive income really adds up (Promo Code: VK7N8I).

3. GasBuddy

apps like getupside

GasBuddy is an innovative gas app like GetUpside that provides you with useful information about current gasoline prices at nearby stations. You can find the cheapest gas near you quickly because this program has millions of users all around the country reporting local fuel pricing to help others save money.

You should also use this app to track fuel prices in your area, monitor local gas station locations, receive special deals from nearby gas stations, and more. You may even share the latest gas price information with others using the social networking tools provided by this program.

GasBuddy has an appealing user interface that can be used on any smartphone and in any location. It's available to use free of charge in all states. It's a great way to get a free $20 simply by saving money at the pump:

  • Saves 5x as much or more than either a debit or gas credit card
  • Fill-ups are effortlessly deducted from your linked debit card
  • No credit check required
  • Sign up in minutes
  • No bills, no hassles, and nothing to fund. Just savings.

4. BPMe Rewards

apps like getupside

With the BPme Rewards program, you can save 5¢ per gallon on every fillup at participating BP or Amoco gas stations. Simply download the gas app, pay at participating BP or Amoco gas stations, choose your pump, and you'll be saving right away on each gallon.

It pays to pump with BPme Rewards. Here’s how it works:

  • Register for BPme Rewards and start saving 5¢ on every gallon, every time through the next month.
  • Keep that 5¢ reward going by spending $100 on fuel each calendar month.
  • Don’t forget to check your app for special bonus offers toward additional savings on fuel.

GetUpside, on the other hand, offers a better 25¢ per gallon, but members will get the best gas price by automatically comparing local competitor stations (Exxon, Mobil, Shell, Chevron, and Marathon) to ensure the best rate.

5. Ibotta

apps like getupside

If you're looking for cheap gas near me, then the Ibotta app is an excellent resource. It can help you earn cash back when you shop for groceries, eat out at restaurants, order items through the mail or online shopping stores, and more.

You'll be able to save money on all your purchases because it has hundreds of rebates and coupons available to use at over a million online stores. Just choose any rebate or coupon you want, purchase that item from a local store, upload your receipt using this app, and earn cash back rewards.

The Ibotta app is free to download and use on any smartphone. In addition, it has an easy-to-use interface with simple search tools to help you find the best deals on everything. Many people consider it one of the best apps to make money on your grocery store purchases. If you choose to sign up, don't forget to use an Ibotta referral code to get a welcome bonus.

6. My Harris Teeter Fuel Points

With Harris Teeter's Fuel Points program, you'll earn Fuel Points every time you shop at Harris Teeter and use your VIC card! If you shop at select Harris Teeter supermarkets, then you can earn cash back rewards on fuel purchases through this gas app like GetUpside.

For every 100 Fuel Points you earn, you can save $.10 per gallon on fuel purchases at Harris Teeter Fuel Centers and participating BP and Amoco stations, up to 1,000 points or $1.00 per gallon (maximum of 35 gallons).

There is no limit to the number of Fuel Points you can earn in a month. Earning Fuel Points is easy when you shop at Harris Teeter. You can save up to $1 per gallon up to 35 gallons. That's $35 every time you fill-up.

7. Speedway

apps like getupside

Speedway is another gas app like GetUpside that offers 5¢ per gallon to customers who buy 76-octane fuel, choose their pump, and pay with a linked debit or credit card.

The Speedway app puts your hand on the gasoline pump with a whole lot of savings. With current gas rates, the gas price and store location function offer you a helping hand in locating the closest convenient Speedway or stores that offer fuel savings.

Members of the SpeedPay network can monitor their points, see when their next freebie is available, and stay up to date on the latest bonus point offers, redemption items, and sweepstakes prizes.

8. Dosh

apps like getupside

Dosh is a free cash back app to earn cash back easily. Simply download the Dosh program onto your phone, complete several short surveys for participating shopping sites, and start earning points that you can redeem for money off fuel purchases or other rewards.

It's easy to get started. Instead of waiting for cash back offers, you'll be given the opportunity to receive instant deposits into your Dosh account when shopping at select retailers or at participating restaurants. Join using a Dosh referral for an easy $1 bonus for linking your first card.

9. Mobee

apps like getupside

Mobee is a savings program that allows you to earn points every time you shop at any of your favorite local and online stores. Then, just redeem those points for cash back rewards and save money on gas and everyday purchases.

You'll enjoy many benefits with this program, including mobile coupons to put in your purse or pocket while shopping at the mall, restaurants, or stores.

You'll also get access to Mobee's instant savings network for fuel rebates at dozens of local gas stations near you. And you'll be able to watch videos online using the WobblePoints loyalty program for free gift cards, electronics, travel packages, and other rewards.

10. Murphy Drive Rewards

apps like getupside

Murphy Drive Rewards is a gas app like GetUpside to save money at the pump. This program allows you to earn gas rebates and discounts on everyday purchases through your smartphone.

The Murphy USA app gives you instant savings and easy access to exclusive offers, nearby stores, and fuel rewards that fit into your busy lifestyle. You can always use the Murphy USA app to pay at the pump with your smartphone.

Plus, you'll be able to collect fuel rewards on every 10th fill-up, shop for groceries or household items online, and save money on everyday purchases.

After all, there are lots of ways to save money at the pump with the Murphy Drive Rewards App. So, don't wait any longer to download the Murphy USA app and start saving today!

Apps Like GetUpside FAQs

What app gives you money back on gas?

There are a few apps that give you cash back on gas that include GetUpside, Trunow, GasBuddy, and BPMe Rewards. Cash back apps for gas are helpful because you can save up to 25 cents on each gas fill up. You get cash back when you take pictures of your receipts, buy through a linked card, or refer friends.

What is the best gas cash back app?

The best cash back app for gas is GetUpside. They provide up to twenty five cents per gallon, with no limit on how much money you can earn. Plus, they also give out 10% cash back for certain gas stations that are featured every month. This app is great because of the variety of options it offers.

Does Ibotta work for gas?

Ibotta does not work for gas, but you can use it for cash back at convenience stores, grocery stores, or other stores for food and groceries.

How can you save money on gas?

You can save money on gas by using cash back apps like GetUpside. You can get up to twenty five cents per gallon, with no limit on how much you can earn. Also, Ibotta is a great app for grocery and convenience store items that gives you money back on purchases made through their app.

In Summary

As you can see, there are lots of gas cash back apps like GetUpside that will save you money on every fill-up. Whether it's with fuel rewards or other cash back offers, these programs make it easy to save money and time at the pump.

So check out our list of the best gas apps like GetUpside and start saving money with gas cash back programs today.


With GetUpside, you can earn as much as $0.25 per gallon on gas when refueling at over 3,000 stations. You can see the cheapest gas prices near you and allows you to withdraw earnings into your PayPal or bank account. They also include cash back at grocery stores and restaurants.

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